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Rosswell Gadsden Supervisor Counsellor and Psychotherapist-min
Rosswell Gadsden   based Psychotherapist

Mindfulness based Psychotherapist

Your psychotherapist offers an approach to working through issues using mindfulness based .

Humanistic and Integrative backgound

Training began at Karuna Institute in 1993, and was first accredited as a psychotherapist by the UKCP through its Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy College HIPC to practice as a Core Process Psychotherapist in 2003. Karuna has taught and championed the use of mindfulness particularly in the relationship to develop a therapeutic alliance. Maura Sills a Director of The Karuna Institute has taught, and supported using mindfulness in psychotherapy for over 25 years in the United Kingdom.

Core process psychotherapy training

As a Core Process Psychotherapist training began at the Karuna Institute completing the foundation year then moving onto the Professional Diploma. After accruing sufficient client hours working as a psychotherapist, I accredited through the Karuna Institute with the UKCP, then studied for and completed a Master of Arts in Core Process Psychotherapy in 2002.

I have been a UKCP approved Supervisor, Psychotherapist and Counsellor in Southampton since 2003. I work with couples having completed the ‘Key to Couples Work’ with Jennie Miller which offers a TA approach.

Supervisor, Psychotherapist and Counsellor since 2003

Earlier in life, l studied and worked as an Systems Engineer becoming interested in Spirituality, Buddhism, Personal Development, Social and Ecological Responsibility. Training firstly as a Counsellor, then as a Psychotherapist and finally as a Secondary School Teacher. My abode is in Shirley Southampton, Hampshire with my wife and our two children. I see clients as a Counsellor and Psychotherapist in Private Practice.

Mindfulness training

I completed a Certificate in Mindfulness Supervision with OPAL (Organisation People and Learning). Presently I offer supervision at a reduced rate. Individual and small group Supervision is offered renting rooms at the Romney Centre Southampton. I have membership of the Hampshire Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy HACP.

Psychotherapy Practice at The Romney Centre

Currently, I rent rooms at the Romney Centre in Southampton which is in the Avenue. Individual clients are for 50 minute hours weekly, and couples normally for 90 minutes sessions on a fortnightly basis. Please call the Romney Centre to make an appointment or email me for availability.