The Heart of Silence Conference April 16/17th 2016

Exploring the place of in Psychotherapy, Society and our World.

James Hillman famously titled his book “We’ve Had a Hundred Years of Psychotherapy and the World is Getting Worse”.

Despite the weight of increasing stress, depression and fear on a global scale, can the presence of Silence break open our isolation and sense of separateness and offer us a deeper connection to meaning, to ourselves, each other and to the world at large?

The Association of Core Process Psychotherapists invites you
to a 2 day fully catered conference exploring this theme.  
In Silence we can connect with the heart and during this Conference there will be the opportunity to experience and embody Silence together.   Our speakers and plenaries will focus attention on two central questions: What is the nature and role of Silence in relationship?
How can Silence unify us, in the midst of life today?

This Conference is not just for psychotherapists but for anyone wanting to explore and experience the value of Silence. 

Through Silence we are able to deeply listen
to ourselves, one another and our Planet and from this place we can act.  

Our speakers include:
Brian Keenan, Maura Sills, Rebecca Crane Ph.D., Mac Macartney,
Catherine McGee, Matt Adams Ph.D., Dave Harley, Alastair McNeilage and

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