The importance of Silence

I am grateful for the clarification that Ajahn Brahmavamso gives where he explains the importance of Silent Awareness of the Present Moment in his piece within Lion’s Roar on Cultivating Tranquility, Harvesting Insight.

The clarification that Ajahn Brahmavamso makes between silent awareness of the present moment and thinking about it is very helpful. When we think about it, we identify with our inner speech and begin to believe what we think and the positions we take to be true. In taking our attention away from what is happening and identifying with the judgement we are removing ourselves from the experience.

The Heart of Silence Conference

Another way of finding silent awareness is to use mindfulness to look for the gap between thoughts. In these gaps we are able to recognise that most of the chatter that our mind creates has little value. As we become accustomed to the silence, the silence lasts longer. When we compare our mind chatter against that which appears in silent awareness, we recognise that the silence is more productive of wisdom and clarity than thinking.

There is an important conference on the 16th and 17th of April called The Heart of Silence Conference in London organised by the Accredited Core Process Psychotherapists or ACPP.

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The Heart of Silence Conference April 16/17th 2016

Banner for the Heart of Silence Conference

Exploring the place of Silence in Psychotherapy, Society and our World.

James Hillman famously titled his book “We’ve Had a Hundred Years of Psychotherapy and the World is Getting Worse”.

Despite the weight of increasing stress, depression and fear on a global scale, can the presence of Silence break open our isolation and sense of separateness and offer us a deeper connection to meaning, to ourselves, each other and to the world at large?

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