Individual Psychotherapy

Individual psychotherapy

Individual integrative psychotherapy is offered on a one-to-one bases. If you have a had some counselling sessions and have had the chance to take stock of your life and have noticed that you are not making the most of your life. This is focused work, normally beginning with an agreed contract of six sessions to help you look at what you do with your life that holds you back.

Looking at relationships

I bring experience over years of working with clients to help you look again at how you live your life, what habits or behaviours are useful and which are out of date and no longer help you live a fulfilled life. Our work together is about looking at how you live your life in particular at relationships and after reflection offering you a chance of not repeating what has not been useful or has held you back.

The joint investigation

The way therapy works with me is a joint process of investigation, I bring a genuine interest into how you live your life, develop relationships and move towards a sense of ease in your life. I do not profess that I provide a template for living a healthy, loving fulfilled life. I have a fierce desire to reflect what you are back to yourself and then let you make the decisions about changes you would like to make. It is the act of bringing awareness to how we are and how we interact in significant relationships that brings change.

Psychotherapy contract

I normally suggest that psychotherapy begins with a six sessions weekly contract, to be reviewed from both sides at the end of this period. After the six sessions the therapeutic alliance is reviewed and key points are identified and engagement in the work assessed.

Please call to make a first appointment to meet me and for me to meet you.