Mindfulness – alternative life style choice or a powerful therapy

Dawn Foster of the Guardian in her piece “Is mindfulness making us ill?” of 23rd January discusses the explosion of interest in mindfulness courses as a technique of choice popular to employers. Mindfulness courses range from smart phone apps to three day mindfulness as part of a training programme. Dawn refers to a number of cases where side-effects have profoundly effected peoples lives leaving them disturbed, open, and vulnerable.

She states that there are dangers in way that mindfulness is marketed as an alternative lifestyle choice rather than a powerful form of therapy. The Karuna Institute a UKCP member led by Maura Sills provides an accredited psychotherapy training using mindfulness. Mindfulness has been taught and used in therapeutic relationship within Core Process Psychotherapy for thirty years.

Courses from Conscious Embodiment

Two courses have just been announced from Conscious Embodiment in cooperation with the International Society of Pre and Perinatal Psychology and Medicine; Emotional First Aid: From Trauma to Attachment. Crisis Intervention and Attachment Support for Parents, Babies and Toddlers – with Thomas Harms on 13th May and Templates of Embodiment – with Matthew Appleton & Jenni Meyer beginning in September 2016.

Flyers attached:

Emotional first aid

Templates of Embodiment

The Heart of Silence Conference April 16/17th 2016

Banner for the Heart of Silence Conference

Exploring the place of Silence in Psychotherapy, Society and our World.

James Hillman famously titled his book “We’ve Had a Hundred Years of Psychotherapy and the World is Getting Worse”.

Despite the weight of increasing stress, depression and fear on a global scale, can the presence of Silence break open our isolation and sense of separateness and offer us a deeper connection to meaning, to ourselves, each other and to the world at large?

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